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Loren Schoenberg -- Writings

About Loren:

The Art of Teaching Jazz (Itunemonthly.com)

Interviews about Mosaic's new Benny Goodman CD set: #1 #2

Loren's memories of Benny Goodman (NY Times)

Loren's appreciation of Mel Lewis (NY Times)

Unitarian Universalist sermon written based on Loren's book

A Jazz Museum for Harlem
By John Robert Brown

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The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Jazz, by Loren Schoenberg, forward by Wynton Marsalis (New York : Penguin Books, 2002)

Feature article (Miles Ahead) for New York Times Arts & Leisure section, September 15, 1996

“Lester Young” in The Oxford Companion to Jazz, ed. Bill Kirchner (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000)
  "Coleman Hawkins" in Masters of Jazz Saxophone: The Story Of The Players And Their Music, ed. Dave Gelly (London: Balafon Books, 2000)
  "East Of The Sun: The Musical Changes Of Lester Young" in The Lester Young Reader, edited by Lewis Porter (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Books, 1991)
  "Ben Webster" in Setting the Tempo: Fifty years of great jazz liner notes, edited and with an introduction by Tom Piazza (New York: Anchor Books, 1996)
  Contributor, Annual Review Of Jazz Studies, (Rutgers Institute Of Jazz Studies/Scarecrow Press), 1987 to present
  Program Notes For Brooklyn Philharmonic, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and Smithsonian Institution

"New Orleans Style"
"Swing Style"
"BeBop Style"
"Cool Style"
"Hard Bop Style"
"Free Jazz Style"
"Fusion Style"
"Race Records"

Produced, programmed and annotated "Benny Goodman - The Yale Recordings" (Musicmasters) 10 CD set
Liner notes for dozens of albums, including: RCA: Benny Goodman, Sonny Rollins, Bennie Moten, Ben Webster; Decca: Art Tatum, Chick Webb, Jay Mcshann, Charlie Barnet; Verve: Ben Webster, Dizzy Gillespie; Mosaic: Ike Quebec, Goodman, J.J. Johnson;

1995 Grammy award winner for liner notes: Smithsonian Recordings, Louis Armstrong boxed set, 2004 Grammy Award winner for liner notes: The Complete Columbia Recordings Of Woody Herman And His Orchestra & Woodchoppers (1945-1947) - Loren Schoenberg, album notes writer (Woody Herman & His Orchestra) - [Mosaic Records]
By Loren:

Liner Notes: Charlie Christian

The Meeting of Minds in a Legendary Union: 1996 article about Miles Davis/Gil Evans

New Orleans and the History of Jazz

Lester Young with Count Basie: 1936-41 — Liner Notes

Lionel Hampton: The Complete Victor Sessions 1937-41 — Liner Notes

Chu Berry Notes for Mosaic Records

It's Childs' Play for the A.B.Q.

Complete Sonny Rollins on RCA
Liner Notes

Liner Notes: Melody from the Sky, Scott Robinson Plays C-Melody Saxophone

Andy Kirk

Charlie Barnet

Red Norvo

Glen Gray

Ray McKinley/Will Bradley

Fletcher Henderson

Grammy-nominated Liner Notes: Count Basie

Jazz U.K. column - July 2005

Jazz U.K. column - May 2005

Jazz U.K. column - March 2005

The NPR's Curious Listener's Guide to Jazz

Liner Notes: Johnny Hodges - Verve

Liner Notes: Ben Webster - Verve

Liner Notes: Complete John Coltrane/Wilbur Harden Savoy Sessions

Liner Notes: Basie/Ellington

Bill Harris/Charlie Ventura

Studs Terkel - The Spectator

Lucky Thompson

Ellington is everywhere this year

Mark Turner

Jazz U.K. column - August 2000

Jazz U.K. column - March 2000

Jazz U.K. column - June 1999



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