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H E A R   L O R E N ' S   M U S I C :  

Peter, Peter
Loren Schoenberg, tenor sax

The Benny Carter Centennial Album
Loren Schoenberg, tenor sax
Chris Neville,
Steve LaSpina,
Steve Johns,
All By Myself
From Barbara Lea’s new album
Barbara Lea, vocal
Loren Schoenberg, piano and Tenor sax (overdub)

That Harlem Express
Tom Talbert Jazz Orchestra
from the album This is Living (1997)
Solos: Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophone
Dick Oatts, alto saxophone

Evenin’ (White)
Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra (1994) from the album Big Band Treasures
Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophone
Brent Wallarab, trombone
'Round Midnight (Monk-Hanighen-Williams)
From the new album BLACK BUTTERFLY recorded 2006
Barbara Lea, vocal
John Eckert, trumpet
Loren Schoenberg, piano
Ken Kimery, drums

Springsville (comp./arr. John Carisi)
Loren Schoenberg Jazz Orchestra
From the album MANHATTAN WORK SONG recorded 1992
Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophone
Tony Kadleck, trumpet
Matt Finders, trombone
Danny Gottlieb, drums

That Old Feeling (arr. Mike Christianson)
Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophone
Mike Christianson, trombone
Recorded 1997 from the album OUT OF THIS WORLD

The Bulgar (and other Balkan-type Inventions) (John Carisi)
Loren Schoenberg and his Jazz Orchestra
from the album SOLID GROUND (1988)

John Eckert,
Doug Lawrence,
tenor saxophone
Matt Finders,
Mel Lewis,

Hello (Benny Carter)
Benny Carter and the American Jazz Orchestra
Loren Schoenberg, tenor sax
Virgil Jones, trumpet
Remo Palmier, guitar
Mel Lewis, drums

Red Hills and Green Barns (Ralph Burns)
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Conducted by Loren Schoenberg April 2002

Interview on Loren's NPR Guide to Jazz
Recorded August 27, 2002
With Roberta Penn, WHQR-FM, Wilmington, N.C.

If I Love Again (arr. Mike Christianson)
Recorded 2000
Loren Schoenberg Big Band
Barbara Lea, vocal
Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophone

I’m Coming Virginia
Recorded 2004
Marian McPartland, Loren Schoenberg pianos

Ellington Medley
Recorded Fall 2005
Ken Peplowski, clarinet
Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophone
Steve Ash, piano
Dennis Irwin, bass
Kenny Washington, drums

Royal Garden Blues
(unissued alternate take)
Recorded July 1984
Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophone
Dick Katz, piano
Phil Flanigan, bass
Mel Lewis, drums



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